Are you kidding me?

This is the kind of stuff that makes me furious and ashamed to be an Evangelical Christian. It is simply unfair and untrue to claim judiciary filibusters are "against people of faith." I am a person of faith and I do not feel slighted in any way. In fact, I appreciate the principle behind the idea.

And to use a kid as the poster model is simply unashamed manipulation to pose this issue as a "family" issue.

I don't necessarily like the idea of churches getting involved in these kind of things. It is a little less offensive when non-church Christian organizations involve themselves in these matters. One ought not think that Family Research Council or Focus on the Family or Prison Fellowship or the Southern Baptists (more properly their leadership)represent Evangelicals or American Christians, let alone all "people of faith." Nor should one be tempted to think that those who stand against some of the things these organizations support are somehow anti-Christian liberals. Quite the contrary.

Evangelicals owe it to the spirit of Christ and the Spirit of Christ to be better informed than what the so-called "people of faith" organizations disseminate. There are devoutly, faithful, Evangelical Christians who have Christ-centered, biblically astute perspectives on politics and justice that do not resonate with the Religious Right, who have so captured American's lust for controversies.

Enough! Christians need to begin to realize again that asking questions is not tantamount to faithlessness. Opposing things and/or people who misrepresent the character of Christ is a faithful Christ-like action.

Who am I kidding? These people will win this battle because they offer too simple answers that require little to no serious theological reflection.

God help us!

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