Introductions and other things

This is my first entry into my blog for writing anything. It is a disconcerting thing to have a blog for anything, for it makes me feel as if I need to say something about everything, when, in truth, I nothing comes to mind. I am not sure how I should treat this blog. Should I wax poetic about biblical, theological, and philosophical things I am reading about? Probably not too often. I don't understand them most of the time. Should I engage the popular topics of the day--politics, morality, environment . etc.? Maybe from time to time. I often feel pretty passionately about some of these things. Should I just jot down quick, little thoughts that come to mind? Probably every once in a while, but only if it is something that nags me until the time I sit to write anything or if something strikes me as I am writing. Like, for instance, I notice that when I write I tend to interject smaller phrases like "for instance" and "in truth" and all of those longer conjunctions like "however, nevertheless, therefore". This tends to make me use an inordinate amount of commas. I don't even know if I am using them correctly always. At any rate, (see I did it again) I have no idea why I do this. I guess it sounds good in my head. Maybe I need to get some grammar help.

Mostly I want this blog to be a reflection of me, who I am , what I think, what I am doing, what I like, what I dislike, etc. For this reason I will mix it up a bit on what types of posts I will make. I tend to be a sponge for all sorts of things, taking in bits and pieces of different information, reflecting on everything from my dissertation to the state of the Anglican/Episcopal church to music to sports (way to go Lady Bears!) to politics and religion. The problem is that none of it holds together to form a coherent picture of Chris. Not that this blog will remedy the situation. It can't really. I am this hodgepodge of stuff. I will postpone pontificating on any of these things for the time being. This introduction is just to give an idea of what my blog will be like. In a sense, it will be squeezing the sponge in order to share some of what I've soaked in. In many respects the squeezing is for my own good. I have a terrible memory. I often recall things and have no idea where they came from. Other times, I have a suspicion that I have heard or read something about a particualr topic but can't recollect anything. So the blog will be a way for me to "get it down on paper" so to speak. It will also be a way for me to simply sound off. I am fairly opinionated, but not too terribly steadfast with my opinions. So the blog will not only be a way for me to get things off my chest, it will also allow me to trace my own development of thought. Feel free to follow along or even try to influence the course of direction.

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