Did Christ Church and the Diocese of Kampala Jump the Gun?

I got to hear Bishop Henry, the archbishop of the Anglican Church in Uganda and the bishop of the diocese of Kampala, today. He is a tall, imposing figure with a deep booming voice, and yet also one who seems sincerely to want to serve with a humble nature. The Pentecost celebration today was extraordinary. All of that aside, however, I wonder if the relationship Christ Church has entered with his diocese was not a bit premature.

In accordance with the Primates' Communique of February, the Archbishop of Canterbury has appointed the Most Revd Peter Carnley of Australia to serve as the chair of The Panel of Reference, which is to assist in the resolution of difficulties between parishes and dioceses or dioceses and provinces. I wonder why Christ Church did not wait to work with the Panel to resolve its ongoing conflict with the diocese of Kansas City, or why after dissociating from the KC diocese it did not wait to work with the panel on how it would retain connection with the Anglican Communion.

My fear is that I have not understood the process well. If so, I might be convinced to recant some of my misgivings. But, my suspicion is that I am not completely naive about all of this and that the move was in fact premature.

Please, anyone who comes across this, clear things up for me if I've misunderstood. But, first, read the Primates' Communique (link in earlier post) and the article announcing the appointment of the Most Revd Peter Carnley of Australia and the creation of the Panel of Reference. After reading these things, please, explain to me how we did not "jump the gun."

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