The Micah Network

The Micah Network is a good place to start exploring the issues of global poverty and debt forgiveness.

Some of the things that I found by snooping around and following some links:

The Micah Challenge - Micah Challenge is a global Christian campaign. Our aims are to deepen our engagement with the poor; and to challenge leaders to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, and so halve absolute global poverty by 2015.

Articles from the Association of Christian Economists
- See especially those articles with the Adobe Acrobat icon beside them. They are available to read online. I was especially intrigued by those that might explain some of the economics that have led us to the current global situation. See for instance - the articles that were a part of symposium on "Christian Ethics and the Forgiveness of Third World Debt" in Issue #35, Spring 2000.

In my previous post I noted that I tend to follow those I trust. I especially called attention to Jim Wallis and the Soujourners organization. But, in an effort to provide more balance (that is, show how evangelicals with right-leaning tendencies are worried about this issue) I call attention to the involvement of Stott, Sider and Kuzmic with the Micah Challenge.

I wish I had time to read everything I am commending. Maybe later and in pieces. Right now I can only point to some things that I've found. Any thoughts? Know of other resources? Please weigh in.

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