Most Multi-Ethnic Place in Kansas City?

The River Market!

Go on the days they have the Farmer's Market.

A few recommendations:
Best place for bulk spices and nuts. We get at least a sack of almonds every time we visit.

Best place for fresh flowers. Also, notice the coffee shop in the background. It's good too!

Best place for a good home-cooked meal (if the home was one of an ex-hippie mom who served everything on plastic plates and cups). We've never had anything we didn't like! Bonus: It's pretty cheap.

Best place for Vietnamese food. If you haven't had Vietnamese food yet, you are missing out. Get some fried egg rolls and Pho Tai. This is the most simple meal and probably least daring, but in my opinion, the best!

Best place to get just about any Asian grocery item. They just recently moved from within the River Market proper to a bigger location just behind all the goings on in the River Market. Easy walk and worth the trip. Beware the smell of fish!

Finally, if you have time and are so inclined, visit the Arabian Steamboat Museum. I am usually not so inclined.

Any other recommendation? Let me know with a comment.


lardawg said...

suuuup. habashi hut is a solid little Mediterranean place where you can get a nice gyro and salad for $4. not bad. they also give belly dances in the back, but you didn’t hear that from me.

jmac said...

I was pleasantly surprised with the steamboat museum when I went about 6-7 years ago. also, there is an Ethiopian (?) restaurant called Blue Nile that is pretty awesome.