A new Audioscrobbler is coming!

Apparently Audioscrobbler is updating its site. So, while I am actually still listening to quite a bit of music via iTunes, you, my curious reader(s) will have to wait to see what it is I am listening to.

When you see songs appearing again in the doo-hickey thing in the right corner or when you actually get somewhere by clicking the link below, then you will know the new Audioscrobbler is up and running.

It's bugging me right now that I can't over-analyze my listening patterns!


Update: New Audioscrobbler set to be unveiled Tuesday, August 9th!

Another update: It's here, partnered with Lastfm.com. The layout looks great. I will explore more to see if it is actually any better than the old version.

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Tom Conrad said...

While you're waiting for Audioscrobbler to come back online you might want to stop by http://www.pandora.com. We're not a replacement for Audioscrobbler, but we are a great way to discover music that you'll love. We're running a clsoed preview right now, but if you send email to pandora-support-at-pandora.com we'll make sure you get an invitation right away.

Tom Conrad
CTO @ Pandora