Feist Rocks! (And we're getting old)

Literally, the Feist concert was much more rocking than we expected. The album gives the impression that she is a somewhat mellow songbird. In her concert, however, she was much edgier, changing tones of songs from mellow to driving. It was quite good. I was particularly impressed by the way she would sing (or play) into a particular microphone that recorded a loop. In one song she actually recorded her voice in several overlapping loops and sang with herself in a four-part harmony. Pretty cool! The doors opened at 8. The two opening acts were tolerable but not great. By the time Feist came out at about 10:20ish, we were getting pretty tired. By 11:30 we couldn't stay awake. Feist was entertaining, but since the set was edgier and more experimental than the album we were used to, we kind of lost interest. Heck, the word "mushaboom" was never even sang in the song that bears the title.


Chris Spinks said...

Did I actually type the word "Heck"? Heck yeah, I did!

chief gordon said...

i'm not so jealous anymore. i guess if she ever has an acoustic show in an intimate coffee shop or something, that would be the way to see her. i'm not interested in seeing her rock.