On the road again

Sitting in a Holiday Inn Express (free wireless!). Overview of the day:

2 Spinks men (me and my dad).
900 miles.
15 hours.
10 crossword puzzles.
4 fill-ups (at over $3/gallon!).
2 meals (one at Mickey D's and the other at the Texas Roadhouse Steaks).
100's of tunes (mostly country, my dad and I love good country music ('good' is the key word!)).
785 miles to go.


ke said...

sounds like a lot of time in the car. there is something about road trips that is a good time. hope the rest of your trip is safe.

donna said...

aren't you supposed to say "priceless" after a list like that? :) seriously, my favorite part was the "10 crossword puzzles." at first i was surprised (mostly because i can't make it through one without giving up)...and then i just laughed out loud because who else do i know besides chris spinks that would actually make it through 10 crosswords in one day? :) we already miss you around here. church was pretty empty this morning without you guys.

Gail said...

i know you two had fun together. although i didn't miss the drive (and had loads of fun in chicago with sarah), it would have been great to witness the 2nd drive across the country with your dad! he's such a trooper!

mike said...

900 miles! you put mark and i to shame. i think our high was 600 in a day. and i feel you on the gas... i filled up once for $80. you probably paid more than that!