Pics of the new place, the outside

Finally able to post some pictures of our new home. First batch is of the outside. Subsequent posts will move throughout the apartment. Come see it all in person!

Our Building (or what you can see through the trees)

That's our front door on the right behind the street light

Our front door


Anonymous said...

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Chris Spinks said...

dear anonymous: i am not much of a cat fan, but my friend sarah would love your site.

sarah - you should check it out!

donna said...

no kittens for you? what a shocker! :)

i still love the pictures. are you settled in at all yet, or is it just chaos around you? i'm anxious to hear more about life out there for you guy.

beth said...

looks like a fun place. i'm signing up to see it in person. hope the unpacking isn't too strenuous or frustrating. did all your things make it okay?

lardawg said...


not to be a total nerd, but blogger.com allows "word verfication" to cut down on "anonymous" posts. i love cats and brake for kittens, but thought you'd like to lay down the law on blog spam. miss you dogs!