Death Cab is #2

With the recent acquisition of Plans, Death Cab for Cutie has become the second most listened to artist on my playlist. They have a ways to go to catch Sufjan Stevens, but they recently leap-frogged Tracy Chapman.

My top ten artists from 6/30/05 to 10/22/05:
1. Sufjan Stevens - an instantly classical artist.
2. Death Cab For Cutie - intoxicating sound.
3. Tracy Chapman - all-time favorite artist
4. Cat Power - fast becoming a favorite!
5. David Gray - favorite artist of my adult life.
6. Björk - no comment needed, it's Björk!
7. Paris Combo - perfect for when I am in a French mood.
8. Feist - favorite new artist.
9. Gipsy Kings - perfect for those Latin moods. Classic group. Everybody should own some Gipsy Kings.
10. Kanye West - Gold Digger! Need I say more?


donna said...

oh my gosh, how could "Plans" NOT claw it's way past Tracy and come head to head with Sufjan? it's just so good!!

chief gordon said...

sufjan stevens - best show of 2005.
what was the best show of 2004 you ask? keane at the granada in larrytown, ks. (that's lawrence for those of you not from those parts.)

hannah said...

excellent list. explain again how this works. is this when you listen to music on your laptop or on your ipod?

lardawg said...

i ain't sayin' she's a gold digga, but she ain't messin' w/ no broke nigga's.

deathcab...mmm good.