Top 50 Websites

Thanks to Spacetown I found myself on the Times web page looking at the top 100 novels since 1923 (why 1923? I have no idea). Since I only recongized about 5 of the novels I started to click away from the page until I saw a link to the 50 coolest websites of 2005. Now that is a list I could actually get in to. I have very little time or desire right now to read novels, but I could waste all day surfing the net! It is not a top 50 list per se. What they've done is create 5 website categories; then within each category they list (and helpfully review!) 10 or so cool sites. Gail, you'll be happy to note that Craigslist is #2 in the Shopping category.

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chief gordon said...

there must be a mistake. i couldn't find yours listed anywhere.

gail said...

#2?! craigslist rules!