I want music, redux

Originally posted 1/18/06

Ever since hearing about Other Music from the good folks at Boing Boing, I have trolled the site, keeping my eye on new music. I especially like the rather lengthy snippets from tracks on the albums. One problem I have is remembering what I liked the sound of. So I am taking a cue from jmac and noting the albums I am interested in.

I definitely want these:

I like the sound of these:

Addendum (1/26/06):
I re-joined emusic today. I knew I would spend at least $10 getting Cat Power and when I found out emusic had her, I got the $9.99/month for 40 downloads subscription and downloaded all the ones mentioned above plus Iron & Wine/Calexico - In The Reins. What a deal! For less than the price of one CD I get 4 full albums. If you spend $10+/month on music from indie labels, then there is no reason not to subscribe to emusic. Then again, I'm out of $10 each month even if I wouldn't have purchased anything at all. If you want to try it out (and I know you personally; that's part of the official rules) let me know I will refer you and we can both get free music.

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jmac said...

good man.

jmac said...

just had two guys come into the store yesterday saying that Cat Power's new one is amazing...