Moment of Zen

I received two books for Christmas (thanks Brad, Ash, and Savannah), one of which I am reading before I get too much into the books I've purchased for myself since Christmas. I am almost halfway through Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig, somewhat of a modern classic.

I thought I would periodically (daily, weekly, whenever?) share some tidbits with you. So here it is, your first moment of Zen (regards to Jon Stewart for the tagline):

"What makes his world so hard to see clearly is not its strangeness but its usualness. Familiarity can blind you too." (p. 73)

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donna said...

the first part of that quote makes me think of the bible. i often think that the bible paints a nice "ideal" and become convinced that the life that we are now living is actually reality...because of it's "usualness." this is the only life that we know. but what if the bible actually paints life as "usual" and we are just living in a lesser reality without even fully realizing it?