What next? Christian Professional Basketball?!?

Not too long ago I pondered what more could possibly come up in the name of Christianity after Christian Wrestling and Christian Nudists. Apparently I have sold my Christian brothers and sisters short. There is almost nothing that can't be done as "Christian".

Unfortunately I think this foray into Christian Basketball is more than suspect. For all the glitz on the website there is absolutely no reliable information, except for maybe the amount they want in order "to quickly seperate the serious players from those who are not as serious"--"each player is required to pay a ONE TIME Registration Fee of $200." (I cut and pasted from the website. Any misspellings are theirs.) They promise a refund of the fee and a pretty hefty weekly salary for a start up league (CBA players would have been thrilled to get this kind of money). I could go on and on about all the things that just don't seem right about this "league" and "ministry", but it is probably better if you took the time to read my friend Wess's own suspicions and efforts to get to the bottom of this specious organization. (See here and here). Maybe their movie, music, magazine, or church is actually legit, but I doubt it. I think these guys are just looking for suckers. Unfortunately there are a lot of Christian suckers.

They are looking for help though. If you need a job, apply here.

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B-W said...

Looks fishy to me too....

Hmmmm.... What does it say about us that we're so suspicious?