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I feel like all I have been doing lately is posting quotes from one of the post-dissertation books that I've read and talking about music that I have or hope to acquire. That's because I have had little time to do much else, blogwise that is.

* Last weekend Gail and I went to Tahoe (pice to come). Beautiful place. I skied for one day. I can count on my fingers the number of times that I've skied; Hadn't skied in over 5 years; the wind was 30+; snow was coming down hard (over 4 inches in less than 24 hours); I skied with our friends who consider blues bunny trails; needless to say I found myself lying in the snow more often than I care to admit. Gail sat out the skiing, so I got suited up with our friends Alisa and Chris, who ski more in one month than I have my whole life. I told them I wasn't that good (start with greens work my way up to blues and only on good days would I tackle an eaasy black). No problem, they said, we're just here to have fun. Well the weather didn't cooperate. It was windy and snowy, visibility wasn't that great - the constant snow made it look like frozen fog. Anyway, the three of us head toward the lifts. There are three to choose from that will get us up on the mountain. I'm looking for the one that takes me to the easy slopes, they are looking for the one with the shortest line. We choose the middle one (it had the shortest line). As we approach the chairs, I notice a sign, "This lift is not for beginners." Oh boy. We get to the end of the lift just about the time the wind and the snow are at their peak. All they want to do is get to a spot on the mountain that might be more protected from the wind. All I want to do is live. So I notice another sign, one in fluorescent orange, so it is easily seen in the driving snow. This one reads, "Easiest way down --->." Great I think. I follow Alisa and Chris. Their direction? <---! To make a long story short, I fell down a lot that first run, but we finally made it to a better spot on the mountain. On my last run of the day (we quit at lunch, the weather never got much better), I only fell once and that was mainly because my muscles were aching and my legs just gave up on one particularly tough turn. The next day Chris and Alisa went out in much better weather, I walked around town with Gail. I had a better day that day.

* Last week I got the second reader's evaluation of my dissertation. The first reader passed it as superior. The second reader passed it as adequate. So, two down and one to go! The comments and suggestions made by the second reader, however, left me a little fearful of passing with the third (and external) reader. The external reader is traditionally the toughest evaluator. The second reader had quite a bit to say and had me wondering if the dissertation was good enough to get past this last hurdle. I need to remember that the reader did pass it and that the comments were given to make a passing dissertation even better. Still, I am nervous. So, I have a few weeks to incorporate the comments of both internal readers in order to get everything just like I need it for the external reader. The next few weekends will be dedicated to this. Prayers for clarity of thought and communication are welcome!

* My adviser passed my name along to a Sunday School class that often gets local scholars to teach a series of SS lessons. The class is made up of mostly retired people, many of whom have a vigorous appetite for Bible study. I got in touch with the lady assigned to recruit the next teacher. I am now scheduled to teach a series of eight lessons beginning in March. Since I don't really have a specialty when it comes to books of the NT, I asked what books had been neglected in recent years. She told me that they had not had anything on Acts or Revelation in some time. This, of course, is understandable. These are two of the most difficult books. I was intrigued by Revelation just because I have only a small amount of understanding and because I think the recent popularity of the Left Behind series has had a terrible influence on how people view the last book of the NT. I thought I could learn some more about the book myself, while at the same time clearing up some of the popular misconceptions. But, after second thought, Revelation is a bigger can of worms than I care to open. And, since Luke is my most favorite Gospel, I figured I could learn more about the complete Lukan narrative by diving in to the second half, the Acts of the Apostles. I am now reading through the book and other secondary source in order to prepare for my stint as a Sunday School teacher.

* Valentine's Day is coming. I'm in charge of this holiday. Gail is taking our anniversary. I have no idea what to do, mainly because I am preoccupied with my dissertation and lessons in Acts for the next few weeks. Any ideas?

* Did you know Google Earth is now available for Macs? This is such a cool app.

* While waiting for Gail to come home on Tuesday night, I watched a bit of the state of the union address. Didn't pay much attention, went into the kitchen to make dinner. Still, and this is no comment on my political leanings, I simply have the hardest time watching/listening to W. It pains me to see or hear him give speeches.

* I can't not say something about the new music we've downloaded. I recommend all of the following, but I've listed them with my most favorite first: Cat Power "The Greatest"; Iron & Wine/Calexico "In the Reins"; Tortoise and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "The Bold and the Brave"; Diane Cluck "Countless Times".

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B-W said...

* Valentine's Day is coming. I'm in charge of this holiday. Gail is taking our anniversary. I have no idea what to do, mainly because I am preoccupied with my dissertation and lessons in Acts for the next few weeks. Any ideas?

Sorry, I have the same need for ideas myself....