Jesus may have walked on ice

Florida State University scientists say its more likely Jesus walked on a patch of floating ice than on water, as described in the New Testament.

The debates these sorts of scientific "discoveries" cause are not helpful. I don't think the scientists, nor the fundamentalists who are sure to rebut with vigor, get it. Water, ice, jell-o, whatever...The Christian narrative and my faith which is embedded in that narrative is not affected by the time-wasting debates that try to prove or disprove biblical accounts.
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Igford said...

I read this yesterday and though it was one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. What is the point of this?

Are there actually real scientists out there that think spending their time on this is fruitful?

"Uh... yeah. We've done a bunch of research, and we've decided that Jesus may have used antibiotics to cure the sick. So... that explains everything. Goodnight."

B-W said...

Indeed. I can't figure out what they're thinking. If they're non-Christian, why try to find an explanation at all? Just say "it never happened." If they're Christian, surely the idea that Jesus could do miraculous things isn't a huge problem. Occam's Razor is violated here.

jmac said...

but jello-o would have been pretty awesome!