And now, back to the music...

I noticed that it had been a while since I posted anything about the music in my world. It's not that music is not there, it's just that other things have been on my mind. So, here's a little catch up to the world of music in the life of Chris.

* Still loving eMusic. Stopped paying $10/month and ponied up the annual fee. Saved a couple of bucks per month in the long run.
* Got Imogen Heap finally (takes a while to get things that are not available on eMusic). Love it!
* Best eMusic downloads in recent history: Bitter:Sweet, Josh Rouse, Ivy, Jose Gonzalez, Neko Case, Colossus, Midwest Product, Of Montreal, Ladytron, Lady Sovereign.
* If you have an eMusic account set me up as a friend. Go here and click 'Add As Friend.' Send me your eMusic nickname so I can add you.
* Not listening to as much music on the walk to work, because we bought his and her bikes. Sunday morning bike ride to and around the Rose Bowl was great this past Sunday!
* Listening to the Pandora/Last.fm mash-up a lot at work.
* I have also enjoyed the Radio Three Sixty podcast.

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jmac said...

thanks for the music update: just got a little spending cash for new music for the store on iTunes....i'm sure i'll post about it.