I don't wear sunglasses that often.  I typically have my glasses on at all times and so when in the sun I attach the shaded clip-ons.  I have to say I am glad I do it this way.  When I go inside all I have to do is take off the clip and slip in in my pocket.  I consider this a benefit of using the clip-ons rather than wearing sunglasses, because otherwise I would not know what to do with the sunglasses when I do not need them protecting my eyes. 

Why am I talking about sunglasses you might ask.  I'll tell you why.  For some reason, I do not like how many people (mostly men) place their sunglasses on themselves when the sunglasses are not on their eyes.  There are several options:

1) Pushed up onto the head (my preferred placement, if the glasses must remain in view on the person).

2) Pushed up onto the forehead (usually for short term placement, but I wonder why not push them up a little further onto the head)

3) Turned around on the neck (Why?)

4) Folded up hanging from the shirt in the front (this is OK I suppose, but only if one's shirt is not unbuttoned to the middle of the chest)

5) Folded up hanging from the shirt in the back (I'm not a fan of any placement of the glasses in the back, it seems so I'm-a-cool-high-schooler)

6) On the hat (Look at me when I go outside I'll have double protection from the nasty sun!  Mostly just the "Look at me" part.)

There are surely other options.  Preferably, I would like to see the sunglasses put away in a bag or pocket.  Where do you place your sunglasses when not on your eyes?

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Smokey 69 said...

Oh man, the on the back of the shirt thing drives me insane - a favorite of Nascar fans. I actually carry around a sunglass case, and then just hand them off to my wife to put in her purse...if I'm alone, then I shove it in my back pocket. Later...

B-W said...

Makes me glad I have the kind of glasses that automatically darken in bright light....

Rene Larsen said...

I have not had contacts in a while so I have resorted to clip ons. I have broken THREE pairs. I am off for more contacts tomorrow. But as a girl - sunglasses on the head is a great way to mask a bad hair day!!