Vacation Observations

We are back from our trip to Vancouver, Seattle and Victoria. Some things I noted...

1) The whole region is beautiful. We were especially surprised by how much we liked Seattle. Pics

2) There are lots of homeless people in Vancouver.

3) Victoria really is the most walkable city in North America.

4) Canadian cab drivers are the nicest I've ever met.

5) Canada has the Smart Car. We saw them and adverts for them everywhere.

On this last point, I see that America has some way to go...

Big 3 pump up while drivers pay out

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B-W said...

1) Well, there are parts of Vancouver that I really wouldn't want to be walking through during the night (actually, a couple during the day...).

2) See #1.

3) 100% agreement. Very cool place!

4) Wouldn't know....

5) Canadians are ahead of us in so many ways, this is but one....

(I hate that I have to drive so far to work every day in the first place, but if I had a more fuel-efficient car that didn't cost so much it would take more than 5 years to recoup my investment in fuel savings, it would make a huge difference)