Music Recommendations

Some are new, others are just new to me...

For those who like mellow, Jose Gonzalez-like stuff:
The Innocence Mission
The Weepies
Great Lake Swimmers
Tobias Froberg

For those who like more poppy, Of Montreal-type stuff:
The Whitest Boy Alive

For those who long for the Doors but with a slightly poppy twist:
The Clientele

For those who would like to hear Zero 7 in a darker mood:
Brightblack Morning Light

For those in a funky mood, maybe something like old-school Prince:
Amp Fiddler
Rahsaan Patterson

For those in a hip-hop mood (sorry no comparisons come to mind):
Creative DJ/MC collaboration, the rap answer to the Postal Service - The Foreign Exchange
Awesome mash-up skills, newest album used to be available on eMusic, but mysteriously disappeared - Girl Talk
Hip-hop with little to no words, imagine that. Now imagine that it is really good! - RJD2

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