Oh Baptists!

Why I have a hard time with the SBC - click here.
Why my heart will always be with baptists - click here (see page 2) - Fran Porter you will be missed.

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Rene Larsen said...

I have an issue with this as well!!! But the fundamentals are there - faith in Christ's sacrifice on the cross is the only way to eternal life. I think the world and even Christians tend to get caught up in the small points. When we are celebrating God's greatness in heaven, we may not even care about whether or not women should have been ministers or if it's a sin to drink. By the way, I think some women make great ministers just as some men do. I also love my margaritas!!!

Chris Spinks said...

Rene, you know you've found a good church community when you can have a female minister proclaim the good news and then mix some magaritas.