Bye November, I'm Thankful

As friends and family in KC ended November with a blanket of snow and we all moved into the last month of the year, I was reminded of how wonderful the weather is in southern California.

Gail usually has a very difficult time getting me to go on walks. The last few times we've walked around the neighborhood, I've taken our camera to snap shots of things. It gives me a goal for the walk. Otherwise, I see walking as pointless. I need a destination or goal. Anyway, I've become obsessed with snapping pictures of the flowers that are everywhere. It was November and there were beautiful flowers in every other yard. I doubt that any yards in KC have flowers at the moment. I'm not saying one place is better than the other. Heck, I would love to have a few snow days around here. I am just saying that I was amazed that people actually have to tend their yards and gardens year-round.

Take a look:

On The Saturday after Thanksgiving we drove to Malibu to have dinner with one of Gail's friends from KC, Kelly. We went up early to catch the sunset. When I say early, I mean early. The sun set on this day a few minutes before 5pm. Again, I was reminded of the beauty of this part of the world. See for yourself.

I am still praying for some snow in KC when we visit for Christmas. Nothing is more exciting for a Texas boy now living in California than to celebrate a white Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

oh! i've missed the flowers of california recently. and the warmth. i love those fuzzy purple ones; i photographed them a few times. fascinating.

you're both looking good against that sunset. and thankful. :)

hope to see you in december.