Our Christmas

Since we are leaving next week for 10 days in Kansas and Texas, Gail and I decided to get up early this morning and have our Christmas morning together in California.

This is our fifth Christmas together! Merry Christmas Gail; I love you.

Gail always seems to pick out the best gifts for me. This year she replaced my 20GB, 4G iPod. This is the one that I had screwed up the headphone jack and then later lost in an airport. The cool thing is that she got a deal on eBay and bought the exact model I had lost nearly a year ago. I love it! Then, knowing my love for music and the limitations of eMusic, she got me a gift certificate to iTunes. So now I have to figure out what albums to buy. I've got enough for two albums. Here's what I'm thinking, but I am open to suggestions: Lily Allen, Band of Horses, or Maritime. Those who have taken the time to read the comments to past blog posts will recognize the influence of that fiend of cool music, JMac.

Well, it is a little early, but...



jmac said...

wow, I'm flattered. interestingly enough, i visit your blog for new music. we are one.

gail said...

i love you too honey! you, too, always give the most thoughtful gifts. here's to 50 more christmas celebrations together!