Do you hear what I hear?

You might have noticed the little widget-like thing in the sidebar that shows the songs we've listened to recently. This widget is provided by iLike. Previously, we had been using something similar from last.fm. The reason for the switch?

When the blog was updated to Blogger beta we had to update a lot of the sidebar items. For some reason I had a difficult time getting last.fm to work and look like I wanted. After some web browsing, I discovered iLike. Overall the service lacks much of what I like about last.fm, but it had things that made it a better option than last.fm: 1) integrates with iTunes much more easily; no stand alone app needs to be opened; 2) plopping the widget into the sidebar was simpler (at least for me); and 3) it allows people to hear a short sample of many of the songs that appear in the list. I still run last.fm for other reasons. I think it is a better program all around.

Let me recommend to all who read this: install something (whether last.fm, iLike, or something else) that analyzes your listening habits. It's fun. It's kind of cool to look back and see actual listening trends. It's a great way to explore new music based on your listening habits. It's a neat way to let others listen in. If you join up with iLike or last.fm, be sure to add me to your friends list. You'll find me here and here.


Roger W. Brown said...

Check out Goombah for recommendations - both from other members andfree downloads. I like what I see there. Can view full libraries and get music based on playlistor any list.

Chris Spinks said...

I tried Goombah. It's nice for what it is. I just don't see me using it a lot. I like a little social piece. I don't want it to be the whole thing.