Neko Case, live!

As promised, Tunesday shows up on Thursday.


Gail and I have a semi-regular tradition of going to a concert around Valentine's Day. We've done it twice before.

On Feb. 17th, we will make our way to the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood to see Neko Case. I'm not a big concert fan, but I've always enjoyed going to them with Gail. I have fun doing most anything with her.

My feelings for Gail, however, are inversely proportional to my feelings for Ticketmaster. Only a racket like they've got going can turn a $20 ticket into a $33 ticket. Don't give me that bull about overhead.


I recently used my iTunes gift cards to purchase two new albums: Regina Spektor's "Begin to Hope" and TV on the Radio's "Return to Cookie Mountain".

The first came highly recommended by people whose taste I trust. The second was found on several top-albums-of-the-year lists. I like them both for different reasons. Spektor is creative pop; TV is creative rock. By "creative" I mean that it does not feel canned. By "canned" I mean...well you can figure it out. They are not Jessica Simpson and Nickelback. Though they both were critically acclaimed--TV more so than Spektor--I imagine Spektor will show up more often on my recently played list. She's easier to listen to in the office. TV is much rougher. It requires the right state of mind.

Check out both. I'm lovin' 'em!


Sean Carter said...

Enjoy the concert...and it's quite an interesting tradition you've got...and a nice one i must say...well hey also visit my blog sometime and enjoy some of the love it's filled up with!!

jmac said...

dude. neko case live...i'm jealous. huge fan of hers and the new pornographers.