On the Move

OK, OK, for all my adoring readers or at least the few friends who comment from time to time...

Gail and I are moving to Eugene, Oregon. I have taken a job with Wipf & Stock Publishers. And, though we decided to move because of the job that I was offered, Gail - no doubt because of her tremendous talent and appeal! - has recently landed a job as a therapist at Rain Rock Treatment Center. We feel blessed to go to a place where we both can exercise the gifts we have and justify the education we've received.

The move is planned for the early part of the summer, right after I'm done teaching my Spring course.

We are very excited. Though we'll miss Southern California, especially Pasadena, we are thrilled about the new city, the people we've met (the folks at Wipf & Stock are wonderful people!), the possibility of being able to afford a house, the idea that I will not have to work 60+ hours per week, and the chances we will have to spend time together in the evenings.

The move gives me several ideas for blog posts, but at the same time keeps me from having time to blog. I'll see what I can do. I have in mind to blog about the things I will miss and the things I will not miss about California. Stay tuned.

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jmac said...

Congrats guys! That's exciting. That part of the country is beautiful, which you already know. Cheers!