Eugene Living

We are finally settled in our new apartment. This is only a temporary place, but we love it. It is bright and airy, on the top floor of a building near downtown. Here are a few pics to entice you to come visit us!


Sondra Spinks said...

Thanks for the photos and video. We don't need anythng to entice us to come see you other than some time! I like what I could see of your place. It has lots of character. The video went crazy at the end...lost audio, loud static, garbled video.
Take good care of one another. Love from Texas,
Mama & Daddy

beth said...

congrats! looks lovely already - but then gail had her hand in it...so, of course. :)

i plan to visit chelsea sometime this summer/fall - so i'll definitely look you two up, too.

Gail Spinks said...

great beth! we'd love to have you. i'm getting together with chelsea today actually.

beth said...

awesome! i'm jealous that you two get to be close to each other.

Tim Miller said...

Hey Chris,
I graduated from Fuller in 2006 and went through Greek with you. My wife and I are from Eugene, so I'm a bit jealous that you live there now (we now live in the Phoenix area). Eugene is beautiful, enjoy it.
Also, if you want the best Itallian food, go to Beppe and Gianni's on 19th ave. If you want the best wet burritos in the world, go to Burrito Boy on Franklin ave (near the UofO accross from Arby's).
I graduated from Northwest Christian College. I think you would really enjoy getting to know a professor named Dennis Lindsay. He was my Greek prof in undergrad.
Anyway, enjoy Eugene (I'll be there in a week).
-Tim Miller