Look out iTunes & eMusic!

Amazon launched their mp3 music store.

1. Unlike iTunes, DRM-free files for less than a buck a song.
2. Unlike eMusic, no monthly subscription. Download only one song if you like.
3. Unlike iTunes, mp3 files work with most software and music players.
4. Songs range from $.89 to $.99. Always nice to get a cheap song now and again.
5. Albums range from $4.90 to $9.99. Cheap albums are nice too.

1. Selection: not many major labels.
2. Selection: not as many indie labels as eMusic.
3. Name: Amazonmp3 is not very creative.

Final verdict:
I'm keeping eMusic. I've got a year-long subscription, so there's not a real choice right now. I'm not a huge fan of the subscription model, but it does help me budget music purchases and I've always enjoyed going out on a limb each month when I've exhausted my allotment except for 2-3 songs. If Amazon gets to a point where they have as much to offer as eMusic, I might not renew my subscription when it runs out. Then again, with two boys on the way, I might not renew my subscription anyway.

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