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10 reasons to eat local. Igford, "better taste" is listed!

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B-W said...

Although I have little doubt that "better taste" is indeed true (for most people) on some locally-grown/organic foods, there's really no way to quantify something like that. Taste is a matter of personal preference. I also can't help but wonder if many people truly make themselves believe that something tastes better because they want to (cynical, I know). I mean, think about it. You're making a choice to benefit the local farmers, the planet, etc. Don't you WANT it to also taste good?

Igford said...


Igford said...

It does make sense that locally grown produce would taste better (point #3), because of point #2; That it is fresher. But also because of point #4; that is is riper.

A lot of people don't realize that fast ripening foods like tomatoes are typically picked when they are NOT ripe, and then treated to "look" ripe. This allows them to last longer on the store shelves and through the shipping process. Truly ripe fruits and vegetables would be too ripe when they hit stores if they were picked at the right time.

It is the taste that suffers when they are picked early.

If locally grown produce is picked at the right time, then it will certainly *usually* taste better.

I'm convinced.