Birthing Update

5 am - Wake up
6 am - Check in at hospital
7 am - Gail gets hooked up to medicine that will induce labor. Contractions every 4-5 minutes.
8 am - Doctor comes in, checks dilation, breaks water, and hooks up monitor to Alexander (he's the one whose head is sitting right on Gail's cervix). 2-3 cm dilation
8:20 am - Anesthesiologist administers epidural
9-10 am - Rest, even doze off awhile.
10 am - Nurse checks dilation. 4 cm dilation; contractions every 2 minutes.

Things are going well right now. No terrible pains. It looks like it will be a pretty long process. The medicine is slowly working. We're hoping things will pick up before 2 pm. Our nurse Carrie leaves at 2. We kind of like her. She's like a grandma from the Upper Midwest or at least how I imagine a grandma from the Upper Midwest to be.

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