Waiting for Christ(mas)

I love Christmas. I love the anticipation it creates in me. This year, there is even more anticipation as we wait for the birth of our first two sons. Advent is more profound and meaningful for me this year. And yet, I find myself despising the waiting period while I look forward to the brithday of Christ and my boys. This is so me...looking toward the future and wanting it to be here, thus having a hard time being in the now. Damn, I thought I'd evolved in this area. Well, maybe just realizing it is evolution, but I really do want to savor this period--these last few days with just Chris, the mystery of childbirth still out there. I may never experience this kind of anticipation again. It's truly an amazing thing when I sit back and ponder it. Perhaps I can identify the tiniest bit with Mary. May I learn to wait with great expectation for Emmanuel, God with us.

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