Traveling with Twins: Help!

In a few weeks we are traveling to KC with the boys. It will be their first plane ride and our first time navigating the airport and airplane with two babies and all of their paraphernalia. Any advice?

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Anonymous said...

yes, gail and chris..i'm delurking to give you advice. i have a little experience in this department. i traveled with both of my kids at young ages. my advice-minimal!! if you can borrow anything from friends in kc-do it (pack-n-play, carseats) and buy diapers and wipes when you get there. if you are taking your car seats...check them on. carry the babes with you in a sling or bjorn. seriously, this is from experience. we took everything we possibly could to hawaii..not fun. but, our last big trip, we didn't even take a car seat. oh, and they are getting really picky about fluids. i think you said you are bottle feeding too. they will give you bottled water on the plane. you can't go through security with it. i think they say less than 3 oz. even your diaper rash cream needs to be checked on. i hope this helps a little. have a great time.

jmac said...

yes, watch the fluid containers. be patient, especially going through security. do they serve alcohol on planes? good.

m.crabb said...

1) time. allow yourself plenty of time. everything will take 10x longer than it should.

2) keep an eye out for the sympathetic stranger. there's always someone standing nearby who's hauled their kids through the airport before. a nice "hey you dropped this" or "let me get that for you" can really restore your faith in humanity.

Sarah Yost said...

breathe. nurse during take off and landing for little ears.

Unless you can borrow car seats, I say gate check them. The first two trips I took with my baby I did minimal and a sling but it was hard during the layover and schlepping gear while carrying her.

A few weeks ago we traveled and I took the stroller and car seat and gate checked them. Much easier.

Did I say breathe?

Lauren Mayfield said...

I see lots of advice already, but I will add that if you go the sling/bjorn route, you don't have to take them out of it going through security; where as, in the stroller/car seats everything goes on the belt: so you're holding baby while folding and loading a stroller--not fun. my kids both easily fly in the bjorn, usually not waking for a four hour flight! I highly recommend it.

you can take unopened nursery water through security (fyi)

change diapers before you get on the plane.

I also echo the "allow extra time" comment.

don't forget to take a picture of them on the plane.

pack an extra onesie in the diaper bag too.

good luck!

Kyle said...

All good advice, but the one thing that is the most important for your sanity, your babies' sanity, and that of those around you is related to their ears! Make sure you have the babies sucking on a pacifier as you take off and as you land. While you're in flight, it's fine either way, but the sucking motion helps their ears pop. If you don't do this, the twins will be crying the whole time. It's amazing how many parents don't think of this simple trick!