Great Album

I remember when I started driving. I had a crappy old Fiat Spider that sat broke down in the carport more often than it cruised the streets of Kilgore. But, I managed to put a cheap stereo in it, complete with tape deck and all. One day a friend—I think it was Wendy Hudson, but I could be wrong—loaned me the Tracy Chapman tape. I was hooked from the start. I've purchased every Tracy Chapman album since then. All of her albums are great, but that first one, "Tracy Chapman," was and is mesmerizing. I still listen to it today—I eventually returned the tape (after several reminders) and bought the CD when I got a CD player. The CD is now long gone too. Yea for digital storage!

I just listened to "Fast Car" and decided to tell the world how great an album "Tracy Chapman" is.

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