Big Week

We leave Friday for a trip to Texas. It will be one of the few times ever that the boys will get to see pretty much their whole extended family on one trip. The weekend will be taken up with all of the activities surrounding the wedding of one of Gail's cousins. The whole Eddy clan will be in Dallas. Alexander and Oliver are looking forward to seeing the cousins they met in March and being introduced to several other family members from Gail's side of the tree.

The next week is spent in Spinks country, Kilgore. I haven't been "home" in a year and a half. We haven't seen my brother, sister-in-law, and niece in the same amount of time. So, I am pretty excited. Plus, A&O get to meet the Spinks side of the tree, other than Sonny and Peepaw, whom they've already met on two occasions.

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