Questions for my parents

  • Did you look at me like I look at Oliver and Alexander?
  • Were you as unable as I am now to express adequately the love you had for this small addition to your life?
  • Could you ever kiss me enough?
  • Did my smiles and laughs make your heart swell so that you could actually feel a lump in your chest?
  • Did your heart break every time I cried?
  • Did you secretly wish I would wake in the middle of the night crying just so you could hold me?
  • Did I frustrate you when I did wake up too often?
  • Did you have mixed emotions about seeing me grow—excited to see me experiencing the world, but sad to know the days of infancy were going to end?
  • Did you ever tire of watching me?
  • Did I change you—not just your life, but you, who you were?
Knowing how you would answer these questions makes me love you even more.  It's hard for me to understand that I was (am?) to you what Alexander and Oliver are to me.

[No special occasion.  These things were simply on my mind.]

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Sonny said...

A resounding yes to all of your questions. You will still have many of those emotions when Alexander and Oliver are 36!You and Brad are Daddy and my finest accomplishments--not perfect but amazing to us both. Our grandchildren are equally as amazing! We love you all, miss you terribly, and wish we were all physically closer to one another!