I'd Still Like to Visit

The folks at Foreign Policy ask, "So what would Texas look like as a foreign country?"

In short: the state of Texas would rapidly become direly impoverished, would need to be heavily armed, and would be wracked with existential domestic and foreign policy threats. It would probably make our failed states list in short order. Probably better to pay the damn taxes.
(NOTE: For those of you inclined to respond simply by reading the excerpt from the article above, please resist temptation. First go read the full article, then come back and make a response if you feel the need.)

The whole idea of secession is stupid. Perry ought to lose the re-election simply for entertaining such a dumb thing. But, still, being from Texas and still having family there, I would hate to be unable to visit. So I am praying that such an asinine idea never gets off the ground. It appears to be illegal anyway.

(HT: Jordon)

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Anonymous said...

Alright, I read the article. Here is my favorite part: "IMPORTANT UPDATE: Chuck Norris has offered to be President of Texas, greatly reducing the possible internal threat of unionists or external threat of U.S. military forces to the seceded country."

Do you think your parents would like living under a Chucktatorship?