Word from the Street

Incredible! As in I can hardly believe it, not as in awesome. I read the Genesis stuff and, while impressed with the attempt to put the Bible in language of today, I was just flabbergasted by how poor it was. This is like a dad who tries too hard to use hip language to explain the birds and the bees to his kids. It just doesn't work! Something always gets lost in translation, but this kind of translation stands to lose too much. There are many GOOD translations available for today's readers. We need not swing in the total opposite direction from the KJV. There is something about the Bible that seems to resist too much modern-day contextualizing. On top of the silly language from this Word from the Street junk, I think, the translation (more properly paraphrase) suffers from a view of the Bible and a theological position that is too simple. The OT is much more than a History book or an Instruction Manual. It is Scripture, and that term "Scripture" entails much more than this feable attempt at relevancy embodies.

I'm sure I could find some redeeming value in this paraphrase, I am just too dumbfounded right now.

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