Photos on Blogger?

Blogger has finally made it possible to post pictures directly to a blog post. Great! I did however experience some problems posting a pic using my beloved Mozilla Firefox web browser. I love the tabs component of Mozilla, but when I clicked the post picture button in my blog post it opened a new tab in which I followed all the instructions for posting a pic. Yet, at the end I only got a blank white page with a 'Done' in the status bar. When clicking back over to the tab in which I began the blog post it was as if I had never selected to post a pic. Not sure what's up with that. I'll check into it. I can still use other pic posting options. My two favorite:

1) Flickr - this is also becoming my favorite online photo storage site, though most of my pics are, at the moment, with Sony's Image Station. Eventually I will try to get everything over to Flickr. Note the cool Flickr badge in the right column of my blog. It will rotate through a selection of photos.
2) Picasa's Hello chat and photo sharing software also has a tool for posting pics to a blog - this allows one to post photos without having to first store them online. The photos come straight from the cmputer's hard drive. Picasa, by the way, is my most favorite photo organizer.

Want to see a pic that I posted using the new Blogger tool? If not, don't look below. Oh never mind, you can look. The same thing happens in Internet Explorer as what was happening in Mozilla, except IE opens up new windows since it does not have the tab tool. Whatever, either my computer has problems or Blogger has some kinks to work out of its new Blogger Image tool. Either way I can't show you my adorable niece without going through Flickr or Hello. Maybe later.

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