I'm in stat heaven!

I love statistics, especially those having to do with countries, states and cities. I hit the motherlode when I came across this website. Check it out.

NationMaster.com - Where Stats Come Alive!

Funny story about how I got to the site...

Last night I watched Episode II of Star Wars. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but I would kind of like to see the newest (and last) installment in theaters now. So, I thought I should watch the previous episode to prepare myself. For some reason I get really confused with the storylines and how they all fit together. After watching the movie I was still a bit confused. I got online and did a search for 'Star Wars storyline'. After eliminating every site that had to do with a toy or video game, and sifting through sites catering more to people who are far more into the Star Wars universe than I ever will be, I found some good, simple and informative stuff. Oddly enough the information was found at nationmaster.com. They have info about all the Star Wars' worlds and characters just as they have info about Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia. I was amazed, not only with what I found out about Star Wars (far more than I needed!), but also with all the stats about the nations of the world. For example, did you know that Bangladesh is considered the most corrupt country in the world? Fortunately, the US is 112th out of 130 ranked countries. Whoa, can you imagine how corrupt Bangladesh actually is?

There's much more on the site. The description reads...

We currently have 4,657 stats, and this number is increasing all the time. We want to be the web's one-stop resource for country statistics on anything and everything, whether it be soldiers, olympic medals, tourists, English speakers or wall plug voltages. You can also view profiles of individual countries including their maps and flags. You can use correlation reports and scatterplots to find relationships between variables. Integrated into these is a full encyclopedia with over 200,000 articles.

Well, back to wasting more time looking at trivial bits of information. When I'm done here, I plan to spend more time at my former favorite stat site.

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