Why we should leave behind Left Behind

I have not read, nor do I plan to read any of the Left Behind novels. In my opinion they represent to the world a brand of Christianity that is wrong in more ways than one:
1) It is bad theology!
2) There is just something creepy about turning something like this into a incredible moneymaking enterprise.

I normally don't waste my time even responding to the junk, but I just had to call your attention to the slacktivist blog, especially the stuff on the Left Behind series.

I also want to echo AKMA, whose blog by the way has become one of my favorite. He writes in his post entitled Millionairian Dispensationaliststhe following:

Until the day that nobody ever reads another Left Behind novel (except, perhaps, as an exercise in historico-literary curiosity), one cannot link often enough to Fred “Slacktivist” Clark’s painstaking dissection of exactly what makes these The Worst Books Ever Written.

Right now, if you Google “left behind,” Slacktivist comes in behind a number of the LaHaye/Jenkins franchise moneymakers and the federal government’s underfunded education initiative. If we all link to his Left Behind category archive, maybe we can push him to an above-the-fold PageRank, so that searchers can see the antidote on the same screen as the theological, literary poison.

Read a good book!


jmac said...

you know they now have the new series.."Before They Were Left Behind". I'm serious. You can hear the guy on the radio saying, 'Before they were left behind, they were right here....blah blah blah'

Chris Spinks said...

I think "Before They Were Left Behind" is the subtitle for the latest Left Behind installment, "The Rising". Check it out
The Rising