Good bye Kansas City, pt. 1

We are waiting on our ride to the airport. Our flight leaves a little after 10am. When we arrive, we will hit the ground running. Probably spend all afternoon looking at potential domiciles. Tomorrow I start work. The weekend will be more apartment hunting. Work again on Monday. Gail flies back on Monday. I fly back late next Thursday night, load up a truck on Friday, hit the road on Saturday, arrive in Pasadena on Monday. Catch breath. Begin life in California, again.


hannah said...

even though it is hectic, it feels so good, doesnt it?? good luck guys! cant wait to head out there to do the same!

donna said...

chris, i'm so sad that i haven't been around for the past week or two to say "goodbye." feels like ages since i really saw you guys. i can't wait to hear about your job and how life shapes up for you. heck, we barely missed each other this morning. i flew out of terminal B this morning at 8:30am! :)

jmac said...

huffman, i don't want to already hear talk from you about moving. Chris, just remember...www.habitatshoes.com.