Must-see Movies 11-20

More must-see movies from the chief.

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11. Unforgiven
12. Toy Story
13. Alien
14. Waiting for Guffman
15. Sling Blade
16. Harold and Maude
17. Roger & Me
18. Rudy
19. Sneakers
20. Groundhog Day

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chief gordon said...

hey, it's just Unforgiven. (p.s. don't tell your wife i corrected you - she's going to want to put me on drugs.)

Chris Spinks said...

Thanks for the correction. I have to rely on memory - read your blog and then transfer the title over to mine. I have been worried about getting the articles or lack thereof correct. This one got me! I looked back and had spelled the Usual Suspects as Ususal... Oh well.