I'm getting really T.O.ed

It bugs me to no end that my Flickr badge and all items beneath it appear at the bottom of the page when I view my blog using the Safari web browser. Does anybody else use Safari and do the items appear out of place for you? No matter where I place the badge in my sidebar, it shows up at the bottom of the page and pushes all items below it down there as well.

This is especially troubling after the whole Aesthetics of Blogging reflection that I had recently. I am looking into changing my blog template, but that seems to require a good bit of work now that I have added so many different things to this one.

With Firefox, my preferred browser, everything is in its proper place. But, on my new iBook, I am noticing Firefox is a little quirky. It is much slower than Safari; it often shuts down for no reason; it must be modified to accept horizontal scrolling from the Mighty Mouse.

I refuse to use Internet Explorer. Its just plain ugly, especially on Macs.

Could Netscape be the answer? I really don't want another browser on my computer.

Any help would be appreciated.

Update: On an older PC using IE and the same stupid thing - the Flickr badge is at the bottom of the page. What have I learned? Mozilla Firefox is the best thing I've got. After playing around it is not that much slower than Safari, the scrolling can easily be fixed, and it doesn't shut down too often (usually when I am opening too much stuff!) Please let me know how the blog looks on your computer and various browsers.

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donna said...

i know nothing about all of this stuff, but the one thing that i have heard is that netscape has MANY problems. i don't know what they are and i don't know if the source that told me is credible or not, but i thought that i would pass it along anyway.

chief gordon said...

mozilla works perfectly on a mac. ask j chrysler about software that helps you modify html code so your page shows up the same on all browsers.

jmac said...

mozilla works good on my Mac as well. my blog through movable type was all jacked with safari, but now it works perfect with Mz.

Frank said...

Safari, like most Apple junk, is a real pain for the standards based community. I don't understand the reasons that the Apple browser parses HTML different from other browsers, but it does. That said, Mozilla is good, and Firefox is also good. The Mozilla version I use doesn't support tabbed browsing, but it has an IRC client. Firefox has no IRC client but it supports tabbed browsing. So I have both of them on my PC.