Recommendation - Last.fm!

You probably remember me going on about the new Audioscrobbler. Well, I now want to recommend its newest offering to you all. You really should check out Last.fm (powered by Audioscrobbler)!

Last.fm is a great site offering all sorts of things, everything is based on the actual listening habits of several thousand members. I'll resist giving a detailed description and let you go to the site for yourself. But, I will tell you (this is for Donna especially!), you can download a Last.fm player, and listen to all sorts of things. For instance, you can type in a few artists you like and the player will play things that others who also like those artists are listening too. This morning I typed in Norah Jones (I was in an easy listening mood) and got a radio station that played everything from the White Stripes to Steve Turrentine (some jazz saxophonist, pretty good actually). You can also get to stations by searching for tags (genres), songs, albums, etc. There are also links to stations all throughout the site. On a member's page there is a link to a station that plays songs that are similar to what is in the member's profile. So if you think you might like what someone else likes just click the station link. Anyway, it is a great way to listen to some good tunes and discover some new stuff along the way. And it is free!

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