What I'm Thankful For, a week later

This is a bit late but...

I am thankful for...
1) My wife. Who else has beauty, brains, creativity, and love in one package like her?
2) My family. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. The longer I am away from my family, the more I grow to appreciate my childhood and the comforts of being with kinfolk.
3) My nieces and nephew. I know they were covered in #2, but they deserve a special place of their own. Savannah, Mason, Avery, Annie, and Ally, can't wait to see you in about a month!
4) My dissertation coming to a close. Not completely satisfied with the dissertation itself, but then again I probably never will be. I am, however, thankful that this long process is coming to a close (I hope!).
5) Southern California weather.
6) Fantasy Football. A welcome distraction each Fall.
7) Friends. Those in KC, Texas, California and around the globe. Communities, no matter how intimate or how small, are essential to life I think.
8) Lists. How else could I organize my thoughts?
9) Good beer.
10) Most Asian foods. In order - Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese (sorry Japan not a big fan of your food).
11) The variety of eating establishments in my area.
12) Coffee, whether good or bad, though good coffee is really, really good!
13) Blogs. Another welcome distraction.
14) Mac. Why did it take me so long to find you? I love my iBook and iPod (and iMac at work).
15) The letter i placed in front of everything.
16) Comments on my blog. Fire away!


ke said...

if i were you, i wouldn't let the eddys know about your dislike for japanese food.

donna said...

who isn't thankful for good beer?!?!

jmac said...


Chris Spinks said...

jmac - you need to pitch that idea to steve jobs. i'd buy it!

lardawg said...

sorry, can't get on board w/ #6. if i'm going to have a "fantasy", it's not going to involve sweaty fat dudes. miss you, dogs!