Torture is Always Wrong

The February edition of Christianity Today is running a cover story by moral philosopher, David P. Gushee, entitled "5 Reasons Torture is Always Wrong." If you would like to read an extended version of the article without plopping down $4 for the issue of CT, click here. Gushee asks, "should our government have the option--even if used only rarely and in extreme circumstances--of torturing prisoners?" He answers, "I believe Christians should say no, on the following five grounds."

1. Torture violates the dignity of the human being.
2. Torture mistreats the vulnerable and violates the demands of justice.
3. Authorizing torture trusts government too much.
4. Torture dehumanizes the torturer.
5. Torture erodes the character of the nation that totures.

I'm inclined to agree with Gushee, and I can imagine there being more reasons than he lists. What do you think?


jmac said...

Does playing Kenny G fall under this category as well? If so, then most shopping malls and elevators need some reforming. I agree with you Chris, and this guy.

Gail Spinks said...

Although Jack Bauer makes torture seem almost acceptable, I must agree that torture is never acceptable. I applaud CT for taking a stand for peace and justice!

mike said...

did you notice the gary haugen quote in the article? that's my boss.