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Below is another dose of my del.icio.us discoveries. Do you love this kind of stuff as much as I do? If you ever come across something on the net that you think I might like, tag it in del.icio.us with 'for:dcspinks' (without the quote marks!).

  • The Archbishop of Canterbury

  • 50 Ways to help save the planet

  • MLA Language Map

  • American Ethnic Geography Home Page (more maps!)

  • Office 2.0 Database (no software needed!)

  • Ian's Shoelace Site (16 knots for your kicks)

  • slacktivist: E pur si muove (radical creationists, READ THIS!)

  • Travels with iPod

  • Christ Among the Partisans

  • Wookieepedia (everything you need to know about Star Wars, and more)

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    Doug said...

    I liked the slacktivist article. I feel really sorry for people who base their faith on the idea that the Bible was meant as a science book.