Purity Balls

John Scalzi's blog pointed me to this conservative Christian trend of "Purity Balls". Read about "Purity Balls" here. John's post on the matter is a good read. I recommend it. My favorite paragraph is below.

My own thought about these purity balls is that they're really icky -- we could go on all day about what's wrong about dads making their very small daughters think about sex, or indoctrinating them into thinking their sexuality should be contingent on the dictates of the men in their lives -- but given the high holy terror with which fundamentalists regard human sexuality in general and female sexuality in particular, I don't find these mechanisms of control and indoctrination particularly surprising. I feel sorry for the little girls that their quality time with daddy comes at the price of pledging to submit their will to daddy's whims until such time as they equally surrender to their husband's will, but I guess that since they get to wear such pretty dresses, it's a fair trade. So that's all right.


mike said...

Purity Balls? Nuts!

jmac said...

Oooooh...like a dance. I get it.

Jeremy Duncan said...

Purity balls... sounds dirty. hehe

Igford said...

I don't really understand this pledge. Essentially what they are having is a father-daughter dance where each father takes time to pledge to be a good enough father figure that the daughter won't have to have sex with random dudes to make up for it.

Wow. I can't even imagine what type of people it takes to think this is a good idea, but I'm not surprised at all that they are christians.