I am cleaning up some files I have stored on the iPod and came across this short paragraph that MS Word's statistics say I wrote on January 4, 2002, just about one month before I met Gail.

Synchronicity…what is this new word I’ve discovered? It’s more than fate; it’s more complex than destiny. It has to do with the rhythms of life coordinating for periods of time for the mutual benefit of all involved. It presupposes the idea that I am living my life as I was meant to live it. It presupposes that I am comfortable with who I am, with what I am doing, with where I am going. In living thusly I am open to synchronization with others. Sure things happen for a reason, but I believe they happen best when we are ourselves open to possibilities, when we allow room for others to influence and affect us, but not to mold us into something they can abuse. Synchronicity is invisible in the present. One can only perceive synchronicity after the fact, a sort of A-ha moment.

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cew said...

If you're looking for an interesting example of synchronicity check out my blog site: http://synch101.blogspot.com/

beth said...

chris, i love this. always fascinating to find something you've written that's so succinctly and well-written. and then, when it also "ended up" being written at such a perfect time. what a fun discovery. thanks for sharing. :)