World Cup Blues

Yesterday it was all about the Blue - Les Bleus vs. Azzurri.

Today, I think I have the post-Cup blues.

Things I will miss:
1) The excitement of getting up in the morning to catch the first half of a game before work, or the excitement of avoiding news in order to watch recorded games at Sam's place in the evening.
2) The beauty of the game. The teamwork. The passion. The joy.
3) Zizou!
4) Saying the name Schweinsteiger with the most pronounced German accent I can muster.
5) Wondering who would win a brawl between Tevez, Gattuso and Rooney.
6) Complaining about the USA (their football program mainly, but other things too)
7) Univision announcers

Things I will not miss:
1) American announcers (Marcelo Balboa gets on my last nerve)
2) Too many graphics and breakaway shots from the American TV producers
3) Too many cards. Blow the whistle, but keep your hands out of your pockets. Corollary: Too much acting. Quit the flopping already!
4) The same commercials filling up the pre-game and halftime. Come on! If you are going to subject us to commercials at least vary them a little. Eventually I got tired of that little kid Jose and his fantasy football game in the dirt lot. It was cute the first 20 times.
5) The USA complaining (It is the world's most popular game! If we can't see why, it is our fault not the game's. And, stop comparing it to American sports. I have a whole other blog post waiting in the wings on this issue.)

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